Battery Maintenance 

We offer testing of batteries and sell most sizes in our shop. 

Looking after Your Mobility Batteries 

Storage and Maintenance
* Always store your batteries FULLY  CHARGED
* Charge after every use for a minimum of 8 hours even
 after low usage.
* Chronic undercharging is a common cause of premature
battery failure. As well as charging after every use it is
recommended that a 12-hour charge be performed at
least once a month.
* In the event that you are not using your product for a
period of time, remember to charge the battery once
 a week to keep in good condition.
* Make sure you use the correct charger for the Batteries.
For advice ask in-store.
* Always have your batteries installed by a properly trained
wheelchair or scooter technician. They have the necessary
 training and tools to do the job safely and correctly.
* Do not leave your batteries in a low state of charge
without regularly charging them fully.
* On completion of the charging cycle , turn off the charger
and unplug from the mains, also unplug from the scooter.
* Do not leave on charge for more than 24 hours at a time
* VRLA Gel and AGM batteries do not exhibit a
 “use it or lose it “ capacity-robbing effect known as memory,
therefor the batteries must be charged after each use
* When storing a powerchair or scooter for more than 2
weeks, charge the batteries first and then disconnect them
for storage.
Please note : Cold weather can reduce the range of your
scooter considerably. The distance will also vary according
 to its age, type of terrain, and the user weight. 
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